Sunday, 3 November 2013

Rezeki yang Datang dari mana?

Salam to all my blog readers...Thank you for reading my journey of life...i know they are silent reader outthere...thank you for having your precious time to read my blog....

Past few days...busy with cash on delivery for RS collagen and Eida Hassan Pretty Shop product...Thank You Allah for giving me such a blessing rezeki...I know YOU hear my prayer...Thank You...

Another rezeki that I have never think that Allah has given to become a There is one Hamba Allah/Tahfiz/Entrepeneur came and see me and wanted to invite me to help the Usahawan Wanita to build up their business....terkebil2 mata I he wants me to help him to run his mother business which has been in the industry for the past 20 years...the sad things is sorry to say..."orang Lama" punya business thinking is...janji dapat bagi anak makan...cukup pakai ...dapat hantar anak masuk universiti...dah Alhamdulillah...Yes..betul tapi sekarang dah kena tukar business mind dan method....I have been looking the business...with the turnover RM30k for 1 month, no finanacial accounts, no visi, no management, no tell me....kome pening this person asked for my make the company more proper...In Syaaa Allah... if God willing...Looking forward for this new challenge...

Share with you all my everyday Motivation reading material

10 High Performance Habits That Lead To Success

High Performance Habits That Lead To Success
You can’t expect to get the results high performers do, if you don’t adopt the habits high performers have. When you look at thesuccessful people of the world, don’t neglect to consider the hours of work, the multiple failures, and the daily sacrifices they made to get there. If you are serious about taking your performance to the next level you’ve got to leave the ways of mediocrity behind to develop a new and improved you.
Here are 10 high performance habits that may require you to go against the grain but will aid you in reaching success like the pros:

1. Win the Morning

While the world sleeps, the high performer works. Could you imagine if you woke up on purpose, with purpose every day? How can you expect to achieve excellence when the first decision you make on a daily basis is to procrastinate the day by hitting the snooze button?
Win the morning by waking up earlier than you normally do to get a workout in, feed your mind with good books, and fuel your body with a good breakfast—all before the rest of the world is deciding whether to get up or not. Win the morning.

2. Do Hard Things

We are surrounded by people who want the fastest and easiest path to success, but not you—not anymore. Rather than run from the challenge that is keeping you from doing what you want, stare it in the face; learn about it; and embrace it.
“The road to greatness is easy”, said “no one ever”.
Doing hard things will teach you lessons you wouldn’t learn otherwise, and will make you stronger than you thought possible.
You can do hard things.

3. Embrace feedback

The average person hates to be told what they are doing wrong or what they can do better. Learning to accept feedback is not easy, but once you decide to seek it out and act on ways you can improve, you will dramatically improve your progress.
Embracing feedback doesn’t mean to do what everyone tells you; identify key mentors or coaches who are great at what they do and more importantly, who care about your future, then allow them to take you places you wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

4. Learn from Failure

No one likes to fail, lose, or mess up; but high performers use adversity to learn lessons, and refuse to allow them to disable them emotionally. When you fail, identify what you did well, what you can do better, and what you are going to do about it right now.

5. Choose your attitude

One of the most important decisions you make every day is the attitude you are going to have when you walk out your door. Don’t take your attitude for granted or it will get the best of you.


6. Do one more

As an athlete, you can do 10 reps in the weight room, or you can do 11.  As a sales rep you can choose to make 15 calls or choose to do 16. One of the best ways to build mental strength is to do something you might not want to do, but you know will help you.
Do one more—because the average person won’t.

7. Have a purpose

The clearer you can see your target, the more likely you are to hit it. High performers don’t do things “just because”, as mentioned earlier, they do things on purpose, with purpose. When you know why you do what you do, you’ll have more power to do it.

8. Recommit every single day

One reason the average person doesn’t achieve their goals is because life catches up to them and they allow the things that they have to do blind them from the things they want to do. Every day, recommit to the things that matter most.
You empower yourself when your priorities are in line.

9. Be patient

Success is made in a slow-cooker, not a microwave. High performers understand that overnight success comes after years of hard work. Be patient with yourself, keep your eyes on the prize and focus on the process, the results will take care of themselves.

10. Fear no one

Refuse to allow people to intimidate you. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do something great. Putting others on a pedestal because of their talent, experience, and or accolades makes you susceptible to beating up on yourself because you feel that you’re not as good as they are. Anyone can be beat, including you; so respect your competition but refuse to fear them—who knows, they may fear you.

Well I have share one my favourite "Things" why not today change the mind Take care yourself..always forgive yourself, be Thankful....Thankful...xoxo

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mudahnya Menjemput Rezeki

Hi Readers, waiting for my Red Velvet Cake masak for order tommorrow...teringat nak update blog for the second day...Actually banyak benda nak share dengan u olls...however terpanggil nak share satu buku..actually banyak buku jugak yang saya baca...tapi this one is really exceptional..yang totally merubah hidup saya 360 degrees tentang kehidupan dan tanggapan tentang manusia dan dekatkan pada DIA yang SATU...Allah S.W.T...sebelum ni memang la kita solat , berpuasa, bersedekah.sebagai seorang Islam ..muslim dan muslimah.tapi this book really make me change a lot especially to be very ThankFul about your life...really appreciates people around you...and foremost...i really baca Al-Quran ...alhamdulilah..5 x least 2 mukasurat setiap solat fardhu...kalau dulu...payah skitla...bukan tak baca...tapi harapkan surah Yassin every khamis malam Jumaat je...itu pun kalau nak baca...kalau tak dalam setahun.. baca Al-Quran tu boleh kira dengan jari....malah solat Sunat pun dah rajin lakukan...kira sematkan dalam hati....bukan susah nak lakukan..yang penting nawaitu diri....foremost solat sunat seperti solat Dhuha..kita buatlah 2 rakaat...solat meminta rezeki....sekarang ni kalau tak buat..macam rugi.. pulak..Yalah..cuba fikirkan...nak rezeki lebih..tapi tak meminta padaNYA..macamana rezeki nak datang...contohnya..kalau kita nak barang ..expect orang tu boleh baca pemikiran kita..macam telepathy...X -Men punya cerita...of course kita kena minta pada tuan punya barang...begitu jugak dengan hidup kita...rezeki itu Allah S.W.T tentukan...yang penting minta..padaNYA...tak pernah fail Allah bagi rezeki pada Kita...Bernafas juga adalah rezeki...Allah s.w.t bagi free lagi rezeki tu...kita dapat bangun..menyediakan sarapan untuk family..pergi kerja...itu semua rezeki...kesihatan adalah rezeki paling utama...kalau tidak sihat..macamana nak cari rezeki untuk family...jadi jaga rezeki itu dengan baik....makan makanan yang baik , jaga kesihatan....Saya sendiri..always remind myself...kalau saya tidak sihat...macamana saya nak jaga family saya...jaga ibu dan bapa saya...jaga atok saya yang dah berumur 80 tahun...yang memerlukan saya setiap hari untuk menguruskan mereka...walaupun tidak bekerja...routine harian sangat sibuk..mengalahkan orang kerja pejabat...sampai malam pun tak habis...seorang tua menyatakan pada saya..."Anak patut bersyukur dapat berbakti pada orang yang lebih tua, kerana free2 dapat pahala dan kesihatan yang baik kerana Allah menjaga dan memberi kemudahan tanpa disedari oleh manusia itu" dan saya memang percaya...setiap kali saya keluar dengan niat untuk mempermudahkan urusan keluarga..terutama bila mencari parking...itu adalah perkara yang paling peningla....tup..tup...parking ada 2 atau 3 kosong...malah boleh pilih lagi...especially menghantar ayahanda di hospital...almaklumlah...nama pun Hospital...manusia punyalah ramai....parking pun tiada...tapi Allah s.w.t tahu...niat kita...DIA mempermudahkan...kadang2 tu hairan jugak...time2 kata peak hour..confirm parking tiada...tapi still ada parking untuk saya ...begitu jugak...kalau atok saya meminta saya lah..umur pun dah 80 tahun...apa yang di minta..InsyaAllah saya carikan sampai dapat...alhamdullilah...semua dapat cuma semalam dia minta cendol kat Court Mammoth ..belum berkesempatan nak beli..hopefully esok dapatlah dia merasa cendol Court Mammoth...

Lupa plak nak mention nama buku tu , Mudahnya Menjemput Rezeki...bacalah..tak rugi...saya rasa..bila saya baca,,,macam terasa pipi ini ditampar-tampar...malu bila kita tidak melakukannya...dan merasa diri ini sangat kecil...dan tidak Bersyukur...sekarang ni...saya lay grateful..Thankful....always remind myself and my children...berubah sekarang untuk saham akhirat...even Nick Viyuvic pun always says Be Thankful...Thankful...and be love to one another...and I agree...

Monday, 28 October 2013

My first in

First of All, good job for myself...pat..pat..pat...manage to create my own blog....ha..ha....kira't imagine with my age now going to 40..not 40...nope..not yet.start with my new life as blogger....been forced to write and i feel it like ages before my karangan...or what you say my story of life. Lotsa things to share with you about telling my short story of the INTRODUCTION...Here we goes, I'm a mother of 2 wonderful kiddos, just a year resigned from my "WONDERFUL" job as a banker....Working in the financial institutions for almost 12, financial controller in my own kingdom, a baker, a health and beauty consultant ...this one...ha..ha...i made up myself...seriously ..Handling produk of Rita Rudaini for JB area..RS Collagen and RS Magic Slym...So for those ladies and Guys...hellloooo..guys also take this supplement ok....Nothing wrong to become healthy and beautiful...So you can drop me an or comments for order ...surely and gladly will deliver or courier to you...

Oooooo..before i forget....just want to share with you my secret of becoming energetic person beside using Rita Rudaini Produk for keeping my skin flawless and awet muda...Every morning I'll always drink this Mocha Superich by Eida Hassan Pretty House - the price is affordable...the taste is nice...and the ingredients is consists of honey which is good for to prevent cancer and heart disease, reduce ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorder, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, beautiful skin,maquiberry, raisin, gingko biloba, cocoa,Goji seed, dates, ...see lotsa of good ingredients right.....just drink one helps to boost your energy level plus untuk cantik can check FB pages RMbeautyline Shoppee for more info and orders too...tak rugi you....bila dah can see the different..serious....Best yer dapat share dengan you all...produk yang more nescafeeeee.....or whateva brand....all those brand zero health yourself by taking good energy drinking...start the day with good kickstart...good food with positive mind.